Palm Springs Blog Rx Retreat

Hello Lovelies

So my trip to Palm Springs seems like a lifetime ago, but I loved it so much. As a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to pick from many different conferences. This one was suggested by my friend and fellow blogger Melissa @stylistafitness. I’ll admit I was not really sure what to expect from a small group retreat, but I pleasantly surprised. Sharon from @cupcakesandcutlery and Lauren from @afabulousfete were our wonderful hostesses.


Let me explain. They studied our blogs, answered questions, gave a guideline full of tips and ideas. It was super personal and really helpful. Sometimes at larger events I feel that networking is the primary objective, but here it was truly learning and improving my blog and brand.

The Blog Rx Retreat was in Palm Springs this past month. They had everything planned, from the beautiful AirBnB to lunch and dinner plans.






The setting was super cute and very instagrammable!










Later in the day we all hung out in the pool getting to know each other better (and maybe a bit more wine)!



This tote bag was perfect for the beach but also to carry my laptop and my cute planner to keep notes on this day.

No trip to Pal Springs is blogger complete without some photos of mid-century modern architecture. Enjoy a few pics from our hotel at the Riviera Palm Springs and the famous Pink Door!




Make sure to check out the Blog Rx Retreat Website for next year’s retreat. I’m still implementing the ideas and need to figure out a time to meet with both Sharon and Lauren via Skype to follow-up with them soon. I know this post was photo heavy but everything was just so pretty, delicious, lovely and PRETTY!



Fall Stripes for Work or Daytime Casual

Hello There!

I saw this dress on the rack and just knew I had to have it. Usually, I’m not into buying work wear lately, but this dress can be dressed down with a floppy hat or with nice jewelry and heels for work.


I found my dress at Vida Moulin, a small local boutique here in Phoenix, Here . This dress is made from a lightweight fall colors fabric. It moves really well. I paired this cute floppy hat with my dress for a more casual day walking dress look.



I love mixing my shoes and bag shades with various caramel shades. My floppy hat is from last year, but I’m obsessed with this year’s version and it has tassels—you can find it at Target for less than $25!!


This cross body is old but still available in new colors. I need to get this perfect color for fall, Mulled Wine, check out the link here  Kate Spade  It is gorgeous!!


My booties are from last fall again from Target, but I may have to get this year’s style more like a retro shoe instead. The link will be below.



Dress: Vida Moulin (hurry just a few left!!)

Bag: Kate Spade (old); Similar: Amazon

Rings: Local phoenix jewelers

Booties: Target (old); Similar:  Target

My next post is also more fall inspired colors for possible work outfits and taking your outfit from work to a night look instead of day dress. Stay linked to my blog though Bloglovin. You will get a new post directly to your inbox!! Love that! This shoot was so much fun and all photos were taken by J Petite Photography check out more of her work!

Hope you enjoyed this cute outfit. Please  leave a comment or question below if so choose!



Sexy Maxi Dress

Hi There!

I absolutely loved this dress when I saw it at Vida Moulin. Ok so at first I got all tangled with all the straps lol (the not sexy part), but when I got it all figured out it is so pretty.

It is perfect for day and night! Just add a bit more sparkly jewelry and your perfect date night maxi is this one. This dress sold out fast at most places, but I found the exact one for you down below! I got my dress at Vida Moulin boutique here in Phoenix, which is sold out, but this one is Similar and just as cute!





The jewelry for this outfit is mostly from this summer’s Zoe Box of Style.  And the upcoming winter 2016 Box will be bigger than ever! Check out my instagram soon for a special link!!(wink wink)


The view from the back is just as gorgeous on this dress. Sure to get you noticed!


I paired this long maxi with open toed booties for upcoming fall transition (again this shoot day was 106F…sigh). I linked all current info down below for your shopping fun! Some links contain affiliate links and some do not.

Necklace, Circle Ring: Zoe Box of Style (summer 2016)

Marble Cocktail Ring: check your local Wal-Mart (yup for real)

ASTR Dress (exact one): Revolve

Booties:Cato Fashions (Sale less than $22)!

Earrings (old): Pure Life Jewelry

I truly love this long maxi style–I look so much taller than I am! (only 5″7).  I may have one more I got at Vida moulin to show you all soon. I’m trying to get into the fall spirt more–can’t you picture a great faux leather crop jacket with this dress for cooler nights?

All photography done by Jessica Edmunds. Check out her Facebook page for her photography link  J Petite Photography. This girl is super talented.

Hope you enjoyed this look. Stay awhile and check out some other recent posts and my attempt to do fall looks my way in Phoenix weather–ha ha.



Floral Maxi Dress

Hi !
I found the cutest floral print maxi! It is perfect to wear in the summer and layer for fall. I loved the flowy design without looking overwhelming.


A few weeks ago I went back to Vida Moulin, a local boutique here in Phoenix. Last I talked about Vida Moulin in the Spring, the pretty clothes were available only here locally in Phoenix. Now she is online!!! Lucky for those of you out of town. The store this day was hosting a beautiful Arizona Makers Creative Event. Check out my instagram feed for more photos of that event and the boutique itself @alltheprettys

This dress is by Cotton Candy LA and can be found at Vida Moulin on sale! Oh! It is made from the softest cotton too.


I may have gone a bit crazy at Vida Moulin and might have bought 3 maxi dresses this day. Keep an eye on instagram for more upcoming looks from Vida Moulin. Again, I can’t say it enough this place is special and thoughtfully curated.



The back of this dress!! Seriously, so pretty. I got stopped several times while walking around Sedona on this day. I did a sneek peak flat lay that morning with the booties and chokers that I was pairing with this dress. By wearing a sandal it can be more summer (still 100 F here in Arizona) , but the fun open toed booties and adding a off-white faux crop bomber jacket= fall ready!


I usually choose multiple jewelry options, a hat and shoes for each outfit I create. In this flat-lay the boater hat is from Topshop and these are similar HERE or HERE.

So some of you know that my day job is being a pediatric nurse practitoner. Since the beginning of August, I’ve been working in a small town here in Arizona. Not really a fashion capital, but I have found some cute boutiques and have discovered some small treasures at Wal-Mart. Yup, that is right people–not my first love Target, but Wal-Mart. I know I never shop there, because its usually sensory overload for me, but as I have fewer choices I decided to explore the store. Now I looked for the links for these chokers on their site and I cannot find a single one. Each choker set is $3.94—no, not a typo. Less than $4.00 each. The ring looks like marble and was $2.88. For real. So cute. Go to Wal-Mart (who knew?!?)

The booties are my new favorites from another Cottonwood store called Cato Fashions. This store is online and can be found in other states too. The only store in the Phoenix area is Apache Junction (hmmm?). Anyways, I love the tan color of these booties and the fact they are open toed even more. I fight against closed shoes here in Arizona until it gets just too cold for any other choice LOL.





Dress: Vida Moulin

Jewelry: Your local Wal-Mart

Booties: Cato Fashions–link above

Hat: TopShop (sold out)–similar above linked

I hope that you enjoyed this fashion post. I love pretty much everything at Vida Moulin. Chantal the owner is super sweet. If you are in Phoenix and haven’t visited yet–GO!!

Til next time, Shop happy and don’t forget to seek out All The Prettys!



Casual Style in Palm Springs

Hi There!

I really loved my weekend trip to Palm Springs with my friend and fellow blogger Melissa @stylistafitness. She was a great photographer to help me document my #ootd for strolling the streets of downtown Palm Springs!


IMG_1491 copy

This is my favorite jean skirt style of all time. It snaps up all the way to the top and fits perfectly with an A-line shape to cover my wider hips. My actual skirt sold out from Forever 21, but you can check out this season’s version in a shade lighter denim at Forever 21 for less than $20. You can also find a similar skirt (just as cute) at Target on sale online for $10!



This top covers two of the upcoming fall trends: 1. lingerie looking clothes and 2. lace. It look like those bralettes that are everywhere right now, but it is a crop top! It is so soft and looks cute with this high waisted jeans skirt. You can find the exact top at American Eagle and guess what?!? Its on sale for $24.


My fun straw hat has been on repeat this summer. My hat from Topshop sold out, but other retailers like American Eagle and Sole Society had similar hats this season.IMG_1496


This summer is coming to an end in most places, but in Phoenix its still scorching hot! I’ll probably layer a cute moto jacket over this top for when the nights get cooler (in November finally Lol).

Have a great weekend. Shop happy and don’t forget to seek out All the Prettys!





September Beauty Favorites


I am sharing some of my favorites makeup and hair products for this month. Some are new favorites  that were gifted to me in my swag bag from the Say Hi Society conference that I attended.



Starting at the top, going clockwise, is the Smashbox Primer Water  I had been using the Smashbox Photo Finish original makeup primer until buying this after seeing another blogger @stilettobeatss recommend this version.  I really like the water base and the fact that you can mist it on, instead of having to blend it in like the previous version.


The product to the right is also from Smashbox. I used to use the Sephora brand CC cream/tinted foundation but they discontinued it. The gals at Sephora stepped up and showed me this version. It cover hyper pigmented skin irregularities so well (including my rosacea on one cheek). I am using the “Light” color on my skin tone and am super happy with the lightweight feel.


I love my new Jane Iredale Foundation Brush. I had bought my first one almost a year ago and was having trouble with the brush hairs shedding everywhere. It was so bad that I finally sent the company an email, and they really stepped up and sent me a brand new one. The new brush is perfect, and I love applying liquid foundation and blending with this brush. Thank you to Jane Iredale for helping me out!


Next, is this new replenishing hair oil for damaged hair from Dessange. This was a gift in my swag bag from the Say Hi Society Conference. A few of you might know that I had my thyroid removed in 2004 after Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease cause a multi-nodular goiter and so out it went. Unfortunately between living in Phoenix with the hardest water know to man and my thyroid issues my hair looks like straw– often. It pokes me!  This oil has left my ends softer but importantly, not limp and oily at all.


Last, was another gift that I found in my swag bag from the Say Hi Society, which is a brand new full sized L’oreal voluminous mascara. This feline type creates volume and fullness–which I love!

Smashbox Photo Water Primer

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream

Jane Iredale Foundation Brush

Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Hair Oil

L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Mascara

I hope that you find my advice helpful. I always write all my posts with honest reviews and truly use these products. This is not a sponsored post, but some affiliate links have been used to take you directly to each product for ease and accuracy too.






































































Striped Obsession

Hi All!

So I promised more looks from the Palm Springs trip and here it is!! I am super excited to share this outfit with you all. I didn’t realize that lately I’ve been buying a lot of blue and white stripes (no really… a button down shirt, a backless dress, this dress and maybe a few others!).

This outfit was shot at the Riviera Palm Springs Resort. This historic hotel was host to many faces from old Hollywood, such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Desi Arnaz had a regular show in their ballroom.


This was the perfect seat to view the pool and all the people lounging around that day!











These shoes were so cute and easy to walk around in. The suede is super soft and the ankle ties make them really fun. They can be found on sale Here !


The property is beautiful and lush. It has all sorts of secret little nooks to take photos in. This dress is one of my newest favorites. The cute but sexy tie front is perfect and can be found here Shein for less than $20!






The outfit was so easy to wear all day at the Blog Rx Retreat and I had a lot of compliments!


Dress: See above!!

Shoes: See above!!

Hat: sold out; Similar

Sunnies: Nordstrom Rack  on sale!!

Oh my gosh it was just as hot in Palm Springs as in Phoenix, but being at the pretty Riviera Palm Springs Resort was hardly a tough break LOL. Don’t forget to check ou this dress., which fits perfectly for those gals with a long torso like me—not to worry!

All Photography by: Stylista Fitness  check her blog for more on our Palm Springs trip!

Til next time, shop happy and don’t forget to seek out All The Prettys!



THAT Pink Door


Its really true! We found it lol! It was so that and much more. I did wonder if the owners tire of random bloggers showing up on their front porch basically to shoot pictures, but I mean come on they’re the ones who painted it pink! (practically begging for photo shoots).


I chose this off the shoulder dress to wear special for this shoot. I loved the polka dots on the fabric and the way it moves. This dress is on sale for less than $24!




I think every girl needs a dress just to twirl around in and this was perfect.








Shoes: FOREVER 21 (less than $30!)

Hat:  Mine (sold out); Similar Here

Dress: SHEIN

I hope that you enjoyed this fun Palm Springs landmark as much as I did. It was really a fun weekend adventure that I loved taking with my friend Melissa from @stylistafitness (my official photographer!!) for a blogger retreat called BlogRxRetreat. Watch out for my complete write up on Palm Springs and the BlogRxRetreat!!







So I’m back to real life and started a new job after returning from Palm Springs. I can’t wait to show you all the photos from my trip and cute outfits!! I’m hoping to have one ready for you very soon. In the meantime, this gorgeous beach/pool tote is for you to enjoy!


The tote is from a popular store called Mar y Sol which was influenced by the owner’s trip to Madagascar. There she met the local artisans who handcraft these beautiful bright bags. It is so roomy and the hanging tassels on right on trend!  My hat is from Nordstrom and just sold out but if you check back on their website they usually get some more at times. Here is a Similar one that is super cute too.


Well that is all for tonight! Hope you check back on my Instagram for more on my Palm Springs trip!



August Beauty Favorites

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been recently branching out a bit more lately with my makeup and trying to learn how to apply it myself. I’ve been insipired by my friend Priscilla, who was my medical assistant and somehow on most days managed to look just GLAM! And now my newest nurse is a MUA by night too! Seriously these gals are both talented.



First I picked up a new eyeshadow primer by Urban Decay. It helps with keeping your eyelids from creasing the shadows and getting too oily. You can get your primer HERE .  Next I applied just a dab of Benefit highlighter at the inner corner of my eye. This product has just a bit of shimmer, but be careful not to put on too much because it can look cakey.

So off I went to get my own Naked palette with dreams of the perfect smoky eye. You can get yours HERE. I got my laptop out and tried following the girl on You Tube whose makeup was flawless of course and lets just say mine was “meh”.  I used the brush that came with the palette and then got out my own MAC cosmetics brushes HERE and HERE which actually helped a lot more—whew! I’m so used to using these two brushes for highlighting and making a more blended crease that they saved the day.

Next I applied my new eyeliner which glides on and doesn’t catch at all by Urban Decay. It is waterproof and smudge proof once it sets. I used the Almay liquid liner at my waterline and the corner for a subtle cat line. The Jouer pencil is actually an eyeshadow pencil, but I used just a little for smudging at my outer corner.

Of course I then put on my new sunnies from Guess and Voilá I was done (ok after much retouching,    Q-tips with remover, cotton balls to hide my extra smudges….sigh).

I will post a photo of my smoky eye on me soon (after some more practice I promise!) The products are my choices and not being sponsored by any company, but have been really helpful in making this makeup illiterate girl look just a bit more GLAM!