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I recently was approached about trying out an at home teeth white service. This company called Smile Brilliant has devised a system to make your own custom fitted whitening trays literally from the comfort of your own home! The idea is to take a before photo and then compare it to a later photo to see how much brighter and whiter your smile will be!!

First, you should begin by taking a photo of your smile. So, the next photo is a super close up of my smile. Sorry for that ha ha. There is no way to look cute, so here it is.


The company sends you the kit with what you would need to mix up the putty for your molding trays. Also included is the paid envelope to send your finished trays back for processing. So first you mix the “white putty” and the “blue putty” together (base & catalyst). You need to mix these two really well until you don’t see any “white” and mix quickly so it doesn’t harden before its ready to be placed into your mold trays!

It was super easy to make the molds with the picture directions provided. Also, Smile Brilliant has videos that you can watch to see how to prepare your mold trays. I found this video super helpful. The link is HERE

The turn around time was super quick too. I got my whitening trays back and ready to use within a few days. I was super excited to get these back. As a blogger I am critical of my photos that I post. Since, I have a history of drinking red wine and black tea, I feel my teeth get yellow often. I have tried whitening toothpastes and strips, but I haven’t been happy with those results.

The whitening gel is best applied to the front of your teeth molds. Apply a good amount, but not overly generous otherwise it will ooze over the top and sides too much.


The directions with photos make it all super easy to use. I feel the best part is that Smile Brilliant offers you desensitizing gel for your to apply after using your whitening gel. I have sensitive teeth and more so in the last few years (left over from when I used to grind them during my master’s program…sigh). This was a huge help because about 60% of people at one point or another have sensitive teeth. I did not experience any problems with my sensitivity! Score!




That is it! Super simple. Its so much less expensive and time consuming than going to the dentist. I was super happy to to be chosen for this product review. I find this so much easier than getting your mold fittings, then waiting, then going back to the dentist office to purchase gel from them only, etc. If you still have any questions or find that you want to know a bit more, please read the article: 7 Things to Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening. Be sure to enter below for an exclusive giveaway, an entire Smile Brilliant home teeth whitening kit for one my readers (store credit up to $139).Enter right down below now! Also you can use 5% coupon code with: alltheprettys5

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