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Daily Look Elite


Hi Loves! I am so excited about this subscription box! Seriously its not just a “subscription” box, but an entire service. First, go to their website HERE. Then you fill out your profile with your sizes for different pieces of clothes. Then the computer shows you photos to choose from. So I pick the “looks” […]


Sedona Day Trip


Hi Lovelies! I had so much fun a couple of weeks ago when I went to Sedona. It is about an hour and half drive from Phoenix and usually 20 degrees cooler too! We started by exploring the shopping district known as Tlaquepaque, which was built like an old Spanish mission. I love the architecture […]

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Heart and Soul Workshops


Hi There! I recently had the chance to attend a workshop unlike any other. It was being presented by Marian Mellen. I had met her before when she was at different events selling her handmade yoga headbands. I had no idea she was this gifted. She has this kind, calm presence about her, which is […]